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High Elevation, Forage Developed

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Redland Gameday 373

Registration # 17620550

BW: 74 |  WW 895

We selected this future herd sire in 2013 to replace the famed GDAR Game Day 449. With a birth weight of 74lbs in March and a weaning weight of 895 pounds in August, this bull along with his progeny have shown excellent ability to gain on both poor and high quality forages while maintaining a moderate to low birth weight. Coming from one of the best range cow families in Wyoming, we look forward to the females we can obtain with this herd sire.

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RedBank Gameday 004

BW: 65  | WW 608

004 is a tremendously big bodied, real world beef bull. His daughters are exceptionally low input females with high production records. He is an incredibly docile bull, and this carries down to his progeny well. Out of a first calf heifer, we have used 004 as a clean-up bull after AI in our commercial bred heifer program for the last 3 years. He has sired over 150 calves naturally with an extremely high calving ease success rate. Coming from one of our best cow families, his daughters are really the type of females we are selecting for.

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RedBank Dateline 2513

BW: 78  |  WW 730

This bulls dam was a prolific range female since her birth in 1997. He excels in all the traits desired including low birth weight, real feed efficiency, moderate frame, great docility and superior foot and bone structure. He is used as a clean‐up bull in the commercial breeding program.

RedBank Cedar Ridge 3182

Registration #18172106

BW: 62  |  WW 630

He is from one of our most moderate framed females that just seems to get better with each calf she produces. Her dam was still in production at 13 years of age. 3182 was her first calf weaning at 630 and visitors to the ranch have not been able to not comment on him. If you want to produce moderate framed cattle with base and depth, look for him in the pedigree. We used him heavily after AI on his own group of heifers and were extremely happy with the calving ease and the growth in his calves. His docility is second to none and his natural fleshing ability is hard to compare to.

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GDAR CJID Gameday 1736

Registration #16944775

BW -1.3  WW +49  YW +92  Milk +24

1736 is our go-to bull for calving ease and good range female making genetics in our commercial bred heifer program. Since the time of his purchase we have used him via AI on over 1000 heifers, and after hearing the positive comments from happy heifer buyers, we are prepared to use him 1000 times more. It’s not often that we find a bull that no matter what he is bred to, his traits will breed through. His low birth weight is obviously hard to match. What truly sets him apart is the amount of growth he puts into his calves combined with the quality of the replacement heifer calves for a commercial range operation


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RedBank Cincha 0264

Registration #16909781

BW: 80  |  WW 640

“Cincha” is a true cowmans bull, no matter what traits you like in your cattle. When you set your eyes on him you can’t help but want more like him. He comes from what is arguably our best line of cows, with his grand dam being in production until 17 years of age and his dam still being in production at 14 years of age. Both of these cows rose to the top of our herd with an extremely high rate of production during their lifetime in pounds weaned, being extremely tight in their calving intervals, and high daughter retention. His sire was a corner stone of our program and Cincha has proven to be that as well, siring long, deep bodied females with excellent udder structure and fertility. He’ll give you a set of females that will put the right kind of pounds on the scale at shipping time and will be members of your ranch for a long, long time.

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