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Annual Bull Sale

Every winter we offer on average 25 head of calving ease yearling bulls and 25 head of coming two-year-old bulls by private treaty. All bulls sell with a free delivery in May*, semen check, PAP test, and a two-year breeding season guarantee. The two-year-old bulls have been developed 100% on a high roughage ration and the yearling bulls are fed a high roughage ration with little added grain.

These bulls are the top 50% from our registered herd. They have been selected for feed efficiency, natural muscling, disposition, depth and width of body and the ability to breed the type of maternal females we value. Simply put: they are sorted hard. What bulls don’t have what we want in our program are banded and sold with the steers.

With almost a 100% return buyer rate we do ask any interested buyers to please get ahold of us as soon as possible if there is any interest in purchasing from our offering. We deeply value the relationships with our bull buyers and look forward to getting to know more of you in the future!

*Bulls are not priced individually but are priced by volume. All bulls are sold by Feb 1st With delivery occurring beginning in May.