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About Red Bank Angus Ranch

The Angus heritage in our cattle runs very deep. We are the fourth generation in our family to continue the purebred operation. Many of our cow families trace back to Dick Mercer’s Big Sky Angus of Lavina, Montana. Today, we are still a family run operation, maintaining two herds of Angus cattle: one commercial and one purebred herd. The only thing that separates these two herds on the ranch is breeding time; after that the two bunches are run together throughout the year, sharing the same environment no matter the season. We believe that while our cows are out converting grass and staying away from the feed pile they are truly providing for us.

We don’t cut our females any breaks, no matter if it’s a drought year or a heavy snow winter.  We expect them to be able to making a living off of the grass we have. They need to have the energy stored within their bodies to make it through the tough times. In the past years we’ve grown another faucet on our ranch, that being our bred heifer program and grass steer operation.

The majority of our emphasis is placed upon productive range females and the overwhelming majority of our bull buyers coming back to us year after year. These herds really became an extension of our own. It was tough to see so many of those really nice bunches of heifers just go on down the road, so we made the decision to step up the effort on our end and purchase those heifer calves and breed them via AI here ourselves using our own bulls and collected semen. That proved to be another turning point for us here, making it possible for us to really take in and study our genetics on a much larger scale and through a number of different herds of origin through our own pasture designed environment. We sell on average over 250 females per year and calve out another 200 heifers out here. We have found the demand for these females to be exceptionally sought after by many commercial cattlemen.

With our operation being as large and diverse as it is, however, it has placed that much more emphasis on cattle that can take care of themselves. We are now to the point that the majority of heifers are calved out in pastures on their own in March and April just like the cows: no frills, no excuses, no human help.  Our love for our Angus Cattle runs very deep, but we know that ranching can only be sustainable and profitable if our females are held to high expectations with the help of mother nature to sort out what doesn’t work in a range environment.

We would like to thank all of our past buyers of our genetics. Without all of you we would not be where we are today. We hope you have enjoyed reading our brief history of the ranch and the evolution of our operation. Visitors are always welcome here. Don’t hesitate to give us a call and we would love to talk with you.

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